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Impulse Repertory Company

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Kara Cantrell

Robert Bryan Davis

Chris Harding

Matt Lewis

Jason C. Louder

Jessica McGuire

Mary Saville

Renee Skibinski

Vallea E. Woodbury




Impulse Repertory Co. is a small professional theatre company dedicated to producing intimate, provocative works that nurture the actor-audience relationship at the core of theatre.


In our work, we aim to comment upon and engage our audiences in conversations about the issues and trends at large in the culture. There are no sacred cows and we welcome engagement and push back in the hope that our work as artists encourages our audiences to get active in the public sphere. Our work is based in the classics, as a source of universal human truth and experience, but not limited by them.


We believe the actor is the artist most central to the art of theatre and that it is the actor's relationship to the audience, its immediacy and urgency, that produces the most compelling theatrical experiences. Impulse Repertory Company is an actor's playground, both a producing theatrical company and a resident actor company, allowing actors to nurture their own creative spirits and explore multiple avenues of expression while connecting to and inspiring the community through performance.